Project Runway Philippines AKA Oplan Rampa lol

The Finale of the third season of Project Runway Philippines is getting closer and closer so I thought I’d do this post on the remaining four finalists.


Laoag-based designer Amor has always been in love with fashion. He started his carrer in designing clothes as an assistant for a prominent fashion designer and has since made his mark in Laoag’s fashion scene. He lovesd his job and clients at home too much that he actually considered leaving the competition but seeing much potential in him, the PRP Judges refused to let him go.



24-year-old Cheetah started his love affair with fashion when he was 12. To further her knowledge, skills and passion for designing, he attended the Philippine Fashion Institute. Cheetah, a self-proclaimed maximalist, has been known to the show as the one who is able to embrace the woman’s figure for her work amidst such an edge she brings to her garments.



Milka quit her job and temporarily left her mommy-life to be in the competition. Being the first challenge winner, she was an early favorite. But, the judges always worry about the fact that one moment, she’s on top, and the next, she’s at the bottom. One thing’s for sure, she’ll definitely bring that structure and elegance to the table.



This Bicolano, who once was based in Brunei, used to design for pageants in Camarines Sur. But slowly, he has broken away from the pageant aesthetic to a more couture point-of-view seen not only in his dresses but also his accessories.


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